magic. wonder. show. (magicwondershow) wrote in marauderesses,
magic. wonder. show.

Greetings from Siren

Welcome, those of you wise enough to find our secretive gathering place. Allow me to introduce myself...

Name: Siren. no nickname; not much you can do with Siren. Except Si, and i don't think it fits me
Age: 14
Year: Fourth year
School: Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Wand: Rosewood, 9 and 1/2 inches, Veela hair
Best Subjects: Transfiguration, Divination, and Potions
Worst Subjects: Ancient Runes
Favorite Spot to hang out on Hogwarts grounds: Under the Whomping willow of course!
Animagi: Faerie
Hair colour: Cinnamon brown
Eye colour: Green
Colors of choice: Dark blues and greens. To match the wings
Favorite Spell: Accio!
Favorite Potion: Wolfsbane Potion
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