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*wonders where the girls are*

subject line says all.

why does life have to be so complicated? finally had that chat with sev. annoying boy almost stood me up. i love my workroom, but i don't want to live in it. as it was, by the time we got done talking, we both ran the risk of a week's detentions getting back into the common room. it's his family again. his father's losing it, if you ask me. pressuring him into the family business, so to speak. he doesn't want to practice the dark arts. well, that's not entirely true. he's tired of being looked down on and thought unworthy. he doesn't want to be someone's lackey like his father's becoming. like what cina's brother's planning to become. i don't blame him - i'm tired of seeing james pick on him. he's smart and talented and really more articulate than anyone gives him credit for being. but he's feeling the pressure from home. just like cina. the two should talk sometime about it. some days, i'm glad my parents don't care what i do in school.

however, i know when i go home for good, it's all over. i'll be in line to follow great-grandma kerowyn. i didn't ask to be a seer. i didn't ask to be gifted with a cauldron. why do these things mean i have to turn dark? why can't i be like ash and lene?

why are my thoughts so dark? and why am i still so tired?
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