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ancient runes should be banned for all time

ugh. how did i get in this class? boring. all i could do to stay awake during class was sneak messages onto cina's parchment. that nifty little charm she found for rearranging letters on pages is a lifesaver. fabulous; thank you, luv.

finally cornered yo-yo boy today. in the potions storeroom, of all places. during class, of all times. i've tried everything else to get to him, but he always sneaked off. its amazing how much subtlety goes over the boy's head. and what did he say? 'i've been distracted'. really? understatement of the school year, i'd say. but he said something cryptic that made me think there's something else there. something about choices and footsteps and history. i wasn't paying attention; kept expecting someone to realize i hadn't left the room yet. but yeah, he's supposed to meet me in my workroom tonight to talk. something's bothering him, i can tell.

i've been really withdrawn from everything lately. not sure why, really. i've just been moody and tired and drained.

got an owl from home today. perrin and merrin got into the family storeroom the other day and played with some of great-grandma kerowyn's druid artifacts. mum says perrin's eyebrows will heal in a few days, and merrin didn't really need those freckles anyway. i'm not looking forward to my brothers' arrival at school next year.

i'm off. i want to work on that potion recipe i found the other day. it looked interesting; i've always wondered what it would be like to be able to speak with my cat for a bit.
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