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not saying not charmed at all...

picked up my key for my potions labroom today. wow. it even SMELLS like belladonna. lovely. i'm going to love honors potions. i get to just kick back in here and play whenever i feel like it. all i have to do is keep notes and give samples of my work to the professor now and then. now, to sneak grandma anne's copy of 'moste potent potions' in there and really begin playing. the storeroom is my new playground.

maybe i like potions class too much...nah!

ran into cina's scary older brother again. god, luc worries me sometimes. he just stares. talked to cina the other night about life. she's scared. her family's beyond weird. poor her. my parents don't care - they figure i'm a teen, of course i'll rebel. but one should deal with that pressure.

speaking of pressure, i'm ready to hex yo-yo boy. what in HELL is causing him to ignore me? i wish i knew. cina's owling her father. i just wish i knew. i miss having him as a lab partner; i liked being done with double potions in 20 minutes ;) and what's the good in having a windowless, dark room to which i have the only key if he's just going to pretend i'm not real?!?

witch in the moonlight was fun. well, until lily evans fell in the lake. stupid git. seriously. she's nice and all, i guess, but she didn't want to go into the forest too deeply bc she didn't want to disturb the centaurs and she managed to back into the bloody lake. gah!

alright, i need sleep. tomorrow is ancient runes. why do my parents insist on me taking this inane class?
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