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The First Adventure

The first adventure of the Marauderesses..

Latrocina: Lead the way

laren: i'm gonna stay and work on this invisbility potion, guys. if it works, it makes sneaking into hufflepuff all the more easy. y'all go have fun

Lene: *wonders why anyone would want to sneak into hufflepuff*

Laren: *to steal candy*

Latrocina: Oh, it has its advantages, outside of candy

Lene: *chocolate?*

Ash: yeah it does, you can get chocolate for remus

Lene: true

Latrocina: That's not ALL you can get there

Ash: have you been in there before?

Latrocina: *smirks* A few times

Ash: *grins* what'd you find?

Lene: *grins*

Latrocina: Let's just say that schoolwork can be a lot easier after you've been in there

Ash: *laughs* I'm in

Lene: Sure, why not

Latrocina: *grins* It's not always the easiest to get in, but once you're in, you're in

Ash: Awesome

Lene: We'll find a way...we always do...

Latrocina: Anyone feel like a walk through the tunnels?

Ash: as always *sretches fingers*

Lene: Alright

Ash: *grabs map*

Latrocina: As always, the easiest way to get in is through the kitchens. However, since we've been there a few times tonight already... :

Lene: What are you suggesting?

Ash: I solemnly swear I am up to no good *taps map with wand*

Latrocina: We can get into the tunnels easiest through the kitchen, and through the third floor fireplace on the guys side

Ash: Filch is on the prowl

Latrocina: Don't worry about his cat

Lene: *looks around nervously*

Lene: *snarfs*

Ash: *giggles*

Latrocina: I did cause it 2 weeks of misery in our first year

Ash: you frightened that cat to death

Latrocina: Just about

Latrocina: I couldn't let the stupid cat rat on me when I was both out of bounds and outside of hours

Ash: Hey did anyone remember to get James's invisiblity cloak?

Lene: Course I did

Latrocina: Good- I didn't want to Accio it again this early

Ash: okay, shall we go?

Latrocina: Lets do it

Lene: *holds out cloak*

Ash: lumos

Ash: *gets under cloak*

Latrocina: *slips under the right side of the cloak*

Lene: *gets right on the edge of the left side*

Ash: *holds out wand in front*

Latrocina: I wish we could just apparate

Ash: I'm learning that at the moment, unfortunately I can only go so far

Lene: It'd be easier...but imagine the looks on the hufflepuffs faces!

Ash: *checks map*

Latrocina: *softly* Do you realize that Sir Cadogan would let us into Hufflepuff despite the fact that that's not our house?

Lene: Of course. He's mad.

Latrocina: He's a bit like Hagrid- doesn't always have the best judgement, but he means well

Ash: and he's blind he can't tell the difference between me and a pillar

Latrocina: Be nice, he can sense your auras

Ash: yeah yeah, I know

Lene: Oh, you take divination, do you?

Latrocina: At the moment, yes

Ash: Shh! Filch is around the corner

Ash: *watches map*

Lene: *manages to turn head slightly to watch filch, yet not trip*

Latrocina: *smirks as a loud meow fills the air*

Ash: *whispers* I think he's coming this way

Lene: *very softly* now i wish i'd managed to turn into a cat that looks like his

Latrocina: *so softly it can barely be heard* Would you like me to transfigure you into a cat like his?

Ash: *whispers* quick! into the DADA classroom while he passes

Lene: *ducks into the classrooom*

Ash: *closes door quietly*

Latrocina: *slips inside, and stands stock still as she realizes what just happened*

Ash: *studies map*

Latrocina: *stares at the corner of the room*

Lene: *nervously supresses breathing*

Ash: *watches Flich walk off* ok I think we can continue now

Lene: *stares at cina staring at corner*

Latrocina: *nudges Ash slightly, and makes a slight motion toward the back corner*

Ash: what is it Trocy?

Ash: *turns to look at the corner*

Latrocina: We're not the only ones who have an invisibility cloak

Ash: *gulp*

Lene: *manages to stop a sneeze*

Ash: *points wand towards corner*

Latrocina: *barely above a whisper* Accio cloak'

Lene: *grabs cloak that flew towards them*

Latrocina: Accio wands

Ash: *grabs wands*

Latrocina: *smirks* Well well well, what DO we have here?

Lene: *properly stands up*

Ash: *smirks*

Ash: What are you two doing in here?

James: We could ask you the same question.

Ash: yes... but Sirius wont tell on me *smiles sweetly*

Lene: Where did you get that extra cloak anyway?

Latrocina: *smirks* I was just wondering that myself

Sirius: I have my secrets

Latrocina: Is that so? And those secrets include having an Invisibility Cloak?

Lene: *waves cloak for effect*

Sirius: *grins* Well one of them

Ash: What where you doing in here anyway?

Latrocina: *shakes her head, and finally breaks into a smile, before raising her eyebrow waiting for an answer.*

James: We were just on a midnight stroll, seeing who was trying to get into trouble

Lene: oh interesting

Lene: and what have we found?

Latrocina: Yes, tell us, what have we found?

Ash: *waits for answer while crossing arms*

Sirius: err.. you

Latrocina: And that's ALL you've found?

Latrocina: Interesting, very interesting

Lene: *raises eyebrow*

Ash: *walks over to the corner and looks at the desk where they where huddled* are you looking through your DADA teachers notes?

Latrocina: Or could it be that you ran into someone you were hiding from, too?

Ash: *shifts through papers*

Lene: Either way, we can't stay here too much longer. we don't know when filch is heading back this way. he could hear us, y'know

Latrocina: Very true. While I've got a truth spell I'm dying to try out, I think you two may have lucked out for the time being.

Ash: Ooo! look we're going to be learning about boggarts

Lene: I can't believe you're looking through those papers

Latrocina: *throws a cloak to James and Sirius, before slipping the other back over her own shoulders, and makes her way toward Lene and Ash*

Ash: yes, we best be on our way... See ya Siri *kisses Sirius on the cheek* Bye James *gets under the cloak*

Lene: tell remus i said hey! *gets under cloak as well*

Sirius: See ya

Latrocina: I would tell you to say hi to Gideon for me, but seeing as how it won't do any good...

Lene: *grins and then carefully opens the door*

Ash: *opens door and steps out checking map for anyone*

Lene: *pelts wands at james and sirius*

Latrocina: *smirks as they suddenly disappear into thin air*

Ash: *giggles*

Ash: ok, no one coming, lets quickly make our way over

Lene: yes, let's

Latrocina: We have to hurry

Ash: here it is!

Latrocina: Although its very unlikely we'll be caught once inside, we can't take our time- we need to get in, get what we want, and get out.

Lene: yes, especially if i have to do this homework

Ash: you got the password?

Latrocina: don't need it

Lene: Really? Interesting...

Ash: oh okay

Latrocina: Over here *makes her way toward a small, nearly invisible door to the right of the portrait* Alomahora

Lene: *looks up and down corridor and quickly steps in*

Ash: *follows into the doorway*

Latrocina: Simple, isn't it? This is the main way into Hufflepuff, though the main way out is on the opposite end of the corridor

Ash: *looks around*

Latrocina: *slips out from beneath the cloak, and walks quietly across the room, sliding a finger across a small desk.*

Ash: holds out wand and looks around

Latrocina: *quickly slips a few pieces of paper into her pocket, and then picks up a cloak left on the back of a chair. Slipping it on, she returns to the others.*

Ash: *finds an unopened chocolate bar and slips it into her robes*

To be continued...
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