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The Marauderesses

Siren, Realta, Ashcra and Twilight

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Where magic abounds, and danger lies near, the Marauderesses' map should always be near. Four witches of Hogwarts came together, diligently searching through any weather; they traveled the grounds under cover of night, always in secret they never took flight; braving the forest they mapped and they planned, uncovering secrets hidden by land. Go where you may, and do what you must; whatever you do, don't break the trust. This map may be your friend or your foe, carry it with you where ever you go. When letters of gold appear bright as stars, your guard may come down, wherever you are. When letters appear, and blood runs free, always beware, danger nears thee. We've gathered our wisdom, and written it here, so please use it wisely, we've only one fear: that you should take knowledge, and use it for harm; use it for good, or it may do YOU harm.

Siren, Realta, Ashcra and Twilight are the Marauderesses, four powerful witches schooled in Hogwart's school of witchcraft and wizardry, came together to make a map, The Marauderesses Map.

Wand: Rosewood
Animagi: Faerie

Wand: Yew
Animagi: Phoenix

Wand: Yew
Animagi: Wolf

Wand: Willow
Animagi: Cat