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The Prank

The deviously devilish acts of Ashalea and Selene...

Ash: *sits down on one of the couches* Hey Lene

Lene: Hey Ash! Didn't see you there!

Ash: yeah, just got back from class

Lene: Which class were you in?

Ash: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Lene: *hits head* Of course, i was there too, stupid me

Ash: Haha well I can see that memory potion that James gave you is still effecting you

Lene: Potion?! OH, that potion...I can't remember much about it. I swear, if i find him...he's going to pay

Ash: *giggles* well at least you got out of class!

Ash: lucky

Lene: True...but honestly, I should have never fallen for "Hey Lene, try some of this butterbeer!"

Lene: I bet I missed a lot...

Ash: *grins* You didn't miss too much, just some paper work

Lene: On what?

Ash: you can remember what we were learning? wow that certainly was a strong potion... we where doing curses

Lene: Oh man, this is worse than I thought. I am going to KILL that james

Ash: Wanna go find him?

Lene: *grins evilly* Sounds good to me...

Ash: *smirks* ok *jumps out of chair, grabs her wand and puts it in her pocket*

Lene: *puts away book and grabs wand*

Ash: *runs out the door of the Gryffindor common room*

Lene: *follows*

Ash: Where do you think he'd be?

Ash: hmm If I where James where would I be... *thinks* eating?

Lene: That's a good idea...I'm rather hungry too...

Ash: *runs off to the Great Hall*

Lene: *follows* I wonder if I can get back at him using food...

Ash: good idea! or maybe.. *pulls out a vile from her robes* you can use this

Lene: What is it?

Ash: well I was saving it for a special day... it's a potion that makes your mouth smell like rotten eggs

Lene: *grins evilly* I'll put it in a bottle of butterbeer and leave it unattended. James will take it, like he always does.

Ash: *smirks and laughs* I can't wait to see this

Lene: *conjures butterbeer and pours potion into bottle* Let's go in

Ash: *snarfs and then walks into great hall*

Lene: *shows no emotion as she sits down at table, putting bottle in front of her*

Ash: *sits down next to Lene* Hey James

Lene: *subtly pushes bottle in front of James* How are we today, uh, I'm sorry I think i've forgotten your name...

James: *laughs* well I see the memory potion I gave you is still working... *looks at butterbeer*

Lene: Why yes it is. *glares and pushes bottle again*

James: Are you trying to get me back? you don't take me for a fool do you?

Lene: Of course not. If I can't even remember who you are, how could I get you back?

James: ...I guess so...

Jame: *picks up the bottle in his hand and takes a sip*

Lene: *grins*

Ash: *smirks and starts to giggle*

James: *puts the cup down on the table and gags* EIIRRRRrrrkkkk what is this?!

Lene: I dunno...

Ash: *laughs*

James: *coughs and covers his mouth with his hands*

Lene: *sniffs air* What smells?

Ash: Smells like rotten eggs!

James: *runs off*

Lene: *bursts into laughter*

James: *shouts while running off* I'll get you for this Lene!

Lene: Who are you again?

Lene: *winks*

Ash: *laughs hard*

Lene: *turns to Ask* Well, that worked out better than I expected

Ash: *grins* it sure did!

Lene: Thanks for the potion!

Ash: no problems!

Ash: *stands up* we better get back to the common room

Lene: Yeah. *grabs some bread and stuffs it in her pocket*

Ash: *walks casually out of the Great Hall*

Lene: *follows* you know, i think this potion is finally wearing off

Ash: That's good, they're meant to wear off after an hour and a bit depending on how strong it was

Lene: Well, he gave it to me right before afternoon classes, and it's late, so it must have been pretty

Ash: yeah it must have been!

Ash: hey have you seen Remus lately?

Lene: Not lately...been meaning to go find him

Ash: hmm.. he's been acting kinda strange

Lene: Yeah

Ash: *leans against wall* shh! it's James

Lene: *ducks behind Ash*

Ash: *peers out from behind the wall*

Lene: *looks over Ash's shoulder*

Ash: *giggles at James taking breath mints*

Lene: Doesn't that just make it worse?

Ash: *tries to hold in her laughter* yep!

Lene: *grins*

Ash: hey look theres Remus and Sirius!

Lene: Oh! Let's go meet up with them...unless they're going to find James, that is...

Ash: okay!

Ash: *stops Remus and Sirius on the stairs* Hey you two!

Sirius: hey!

Remus: hey!

Ash: before you head this way you might want to find yourselves some gas marks *grins*

Lene: *grin* And dont offer James any breath mints...

Sirius: *laughs* What have you two done now?

Remus: *looks concerned*

Ash: let's just say I cooked a little something up in potions class *looks innocent*

Lene: And let's just say James had a little thirst for butterbeer

Ash: *giggles*

Sirius: *smirks* I wanna see

Lene: *points* He's over there

Sirius: *Walks up to James*

Remus: *follows Sirius*

Ash: *looks out from behind wall as Sirius and Remus cover their noses and mouths*

Remus: *gags*

Sirius: *coughs and laughs*

Lene: *looks innocent*

Ash: Oo quick! James is coming this way!

Lene: *ducks back behind Ash*

Ash: *runs down the stairs and to the girls bathroom*

Lene: *runs after Ash*

Ash: *runs through the door and breaths heavily*

Lene: *laughs hard, while panting*

Ash: *laughs* Do you think he saw us?

Lene: I dunno, sure hope not...

Ash: *pants lightly and listens to the footsteps outside the door, then looks at Lene*

Lene: *giggles and listens*

Ash: *smiles and listens*

Lene: You think James would hex me for that?

Ash: I dunno.. I hope not

Lene: Well he deserved what he got

Ash: I have an antidote somewhere... *searches pockets*

Ash: we can bribe him *grins*

Lene: Just what I was thinking!

Ash: *opens the door a little and looks outside*

Lene: *hides behind door*

Ash: ok no signs of James, Sirius or Remus

Lene: Good.

Ash: *opens door and walks outside looking around*

Lene: *follows*

Ash: *sneaks towards the staircase* ok on the count of three we run to the common room

Lene: Ok.

Ash: three..... two.....

Ash: one, go! *runs towards the common room*

Lene: *sprints towards portrait*

Ash: *runs inside*

Lene: *follows*

Ash: phew *pants*

Lene: Glad we made it back

Ash: *walks over to her books and picks them up* yeah! that was a close one

Lene: *picks up her book as well* That would have been awful if they were outside the door

Ash: The potion's upstairs, *laughs* yeah!

Ash: *makes her way up the stairs to her dorm*

Lene: *follows*

Ash: *puts her books down and searches her potions set for the antidote*

Ash: ah ha! here it is! *holds up vile*

Lene: Yes! That can be put to great use. *yawns*

Ash: It is getting quite late eh?

Lene: Yeah. I think I'll be going to sleep now. Having one's memory wiped can really wear you out...

Ash: *laughs* we can let James have stink breath overnight, teach him a lesson *smiles*

Lene: *grins* Or longer if he keeps on being his usual, memory wiping self

Ash: *giggles*
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