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Well today was hilarious and heart racing. In Defence Aganist the Dark Arts James, Lene and I were paired up to practice doing curses and James gave Lene a vile of memory potion, she forgot everything! She didn't know who she was or what she was doing so I had to take her back to the Gryffindor common room for it to wear off and then go back to class. When I came back I found Lene nex tot the fire, and I had to remind her about what happened, crazy those memory potions... I wonder what James used in that potion, it was awfully strong and lasted for some time. Anyway we decided to get him back so I used my rotten egg breath potion and Lene put it in a bottle of Butterbeer and gave it to James. Of course he was weary and all but he drank it believing that Lene had forgotten too much to remember how to make potions or get him back... the look on his face was worth the early usage of my potion, priceless moment. He ran off after that, and we knew that James would be furious so we wanted to keep clear of him... So we were on our way back to the common room when we found James gaging, and that's when we ran into Sirius and Remus. I've been a little worried about Remus lately, he's been acting a little strange and withdrawn, I might be just over concerned but I hope nothings wrong. We warned them both about him, but we ended up having to run to the bathroom to hide because they where coming our way, and then rushing back to the dorm. Haha it was a great day...
Sirius and I however couldn't do our picnic today because he got in trouble in class and had to stay behind and clean the potions classroom.. horrible job that. I had to do that once and there was stuff everywhere left over from the first years, and of course they don't know how to do anything so it was one big mess. Just thinking of it makes me squirm, the smell was terrible. I guess the prank made up for my disappointment a little, now I have something to look forward to tomorrow. Maybe I can ask him what's been up with Remus lately, I'm sure he'd know. Well it's getting late and I don't want to be late for Care of Magical Creatures tomorrow morning.
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