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another beginning, another end

Yay. I'm back at Hogwarts. Yippee. Sorry for the sarcasm, but frankly, i hate the commute. i mean, just getting to London from Belfast is a trip in and of itself, and then to be stuck on the boring train for hours on end is quite another. Thank the gods for Ash and Lene and Cina to talk to. Train was full as usual, all the first years once again having no clue what's going on. Honestly, they should have them come a day sooner, so they can learn the place. if i had a galleon each for the number of times i'm asked 'where is the potions classroom?' alone, i'd be able to afford a new broom.

at least divination and potions makes my classtime worth while. i get my own potions workroom this year; they only go to those of us good enough to be trusted to work on our own. YAY! there were a few potions i looked up in the adult wizardring section of Flourish and Blotts while buying books that i'm dying to try out.

as much as i hate getting here, i'm glad to be here. i'm sick of my parents and their badgering me. so i have a pair of gryffindors for friends; so what? not all of them are perfect. lene and ash are fabulous; and the amount of trouble we get into makes them almost honorary slytherins. gah, i'm tired of the pureblood lectures too. they don't know i was sneaking around asking some of the portraits about our family this summer. i know for sure about that random uncle on mum's side six generations back. pureblood, shmureblood.

so yeah, who knows what's up with sev ignoring me all summer. i swear, trying to date him is like playing with a yo-yo. sometimes it's up in the air, sometimes it's in the hand. some days, i just want to hex him...

anyway, time to go. i need sleep, especially if i'm staying up late tomorrow to play 'witch in the moonlight' in the forbidden forest again. some traditions should never die...
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